i-ceiling Soundfield Systems

Now exclusively designed and manufactured here in the UK, the revolutionary i-ceilings Sound Panel product range has now been redesigned to give enhanced performance over all previous models.

CS-1000 with AMP

With remodeling and new technologies to meet the wider acoustic and architectural needs of the UK and wider European market, the CS-1000 (for PA and BGM) and Pro (for enhanced audio and AV) models are now constructed using a new metal tile frame to ensure a fully-rigid, 'sag-resistant' tile finish. All i-ceilings models now also use a common 'bridge' component and higher efficiency exciters for improved acoustic performance.

Additionally, all i-ceilings Sound Panels are now available as 'powered' versions using the brand new IAPA (Integrated Armstrong Panel Amplifier) which is now a factory-fitted option. This 20W integrated panel amplifier is designed and built exclusively for the i-ceilings Sound Panel models and has a whole host of new features including Line and Mic Level colume controls, tone control, signal output to feed an additional 'slave' Sound Panel and local DC output to power a wireless microphone receiver (for individual room Voice Reinforcement applications such as Sound Field).

Powered Amplifier

IWR- series IR receivers are specially designed for small rooms in multi adjacent rooms such as Karaoke or classroom applications.
Due to the IR advantage, the same frequencies could be repeated in all the adjacent rooms without any interference problem which is associated to RF wireless microphone systems.

Selection of dual ( IWR-220 ) and single ( IWR-200 ) channel models.
Infrared frequencies : 2.08 MHz / 2.54 MHz.
1/2 19" metal casing.
High sensitivity
Pilotone incorporated.
FM modulated.
Integrated wide-angled IR receiving sensor array.
Connection ports for two optional remote sensors for wall or ceiling mount.
Extended coverage with remote sensors.
Mixed audio output.
Compatible to Chiayo IWH-201 and IWM-202 transmitters.
Suitable for multi-room Karaoke and school application.