DD Solutions offer a full range of Induction Loops ranging from hard wired to Infrared. These systems can be installed in your work place, Home,  leisure or place of worship.

An Induction Loop system helps the hard of hearing who use a hearing aid or loop listener hear sounds more clearly because it reduces or cuts out background noise. At home, for example, you could use a loop to hear sound from your television. In your car you can use a loop system to help you hear the stereo or radio. You can also set up a loop with a microphone to help you hear conversations in noisy places. In the theatre, a loop can help you hear the show more clearly. Normally, a loop system cannot give stereo sound. If this is important, you could consider using an infra-red system


An Induction Loop is a cable that goes around the listening area. An electric current is fed to the loop by an amplifier that gets its signal from a connection with a source of sound. This can be a sound system or TV set, or a microphone placed in front of the person speaking. The resulting current in the loop produces a magnetic field that matches the sound. You can then pick up this magnetic field if you are sitting within the area of the loop and your hearing aid - or loop listening aid - is set to 'T'. You can adjust your hearing aid for volume in the usual way. Some telephones have a very small loop, called an inductive coupler, in the earpiece.


Be aware that the loop signal can spill out beyond the area within the loop to other rooms. Walls, ceilings and floors do not block the magnetic waves from a loop. So you may be able to overhear sounds or conversations in rooms next door or directly above and below the loop. This could be a problem if your neighbour also uses a loop system, or if you want to have a confidential conversation. To get round this problem, you could try to reduce the size of the loop - although you might need to rearrange the seating. Alternatively, you could use an infrared system.


An infrared system consists of a transmitter and a listening receiver. Sound is fed to the transmitter in the same way as with a loop system - either by a direct electrical connection or via a microphone. It is then transmitted to you as invisible infrared light

portable infrared induction loop


DDA 400 Article No. 099888

General Description
The Disability Discrimination Act is in place to ensure that venue owners/managers make the necessary efforts to accommodate all people regardless of their disability. For almost three decades, a multitude of venues have chosen Sennheiser Infrared Transmission Systems, for our superior audio quality and reliability.

In order to simplify the purchasing of IR assisted hearing equipment, we are offering a packaged solution. This case is everything a venue requires in order to meet DDA requirements for the hard of hearing in a simple portable package. This system has
an approximate coverage of 400m2
Delivery Includes
1 x SZI 1015T Modulator/radiator
1 x NT 1015 Power supply for SZI 1015
1 x KM 23200 Table Stand
1 x IZK 20 Clamp for SI 30
1 x ME 34 Cardioid mic capsule
1 x MZH 3015 Gooseneck 15 cm
1 x KM 29376 Table stand mic
1 x L151-10 10 way charger
1 x NT 92 Power supply for L151-10
3 x RI 150 Mono receiver
3 x RI 150L Mono loop receiver
1 x Case Carry case
DC modification, SZI and PSU
Mic input modification (12V phantom power)
Auto shut off modification
Mic and line input cables supplied



PL1 portable induction loop

1.2m.sq. PL1 portable induction loop system

Ideal for restricted person to person contact in areas such as banks, post offices, small meeting rooms, reception desks, open plan offices and ticket booths

Portable, lightweight design means the system can be moved easily from location to location

Automatic shut-off facility (user selectable for 10, 30 or 60 minutes) helps preserve battery life

Can be used as normal whilst charging.

ML1 counter induction loop

1.2m.sq. ML1/K double gang fixed counter loop system

Ideal for banks, post offices, small meeting rooms, reception desks, ticket booths and any other application requiring restricted or small area coverage

Requires no specialist audio experience or connectors - can be fitted by any competent electrician

Space-saving double-gang wall-mounting amplifier fits standard UK 25mm back boxes (requires fixed mains wiring).

PDA102C induction loop

1.2m.sq. PDA102C free-standing counter induction loop system

Ideal for banks, post offices, small meeting rooms, reception desks, ticket booths and any other application requiring restricted
or small area coverage

Includes a 3.5mm microphone input (for use with the AMT microphone supplied) and a line/outreach socket

Designed to be free-standing or wall-mounted
using the keyholes provided

PL1 vehicle induction loop

1.2m.sq. VL1/B1 12V vehicle induction loop system

Ideal for cars, taxis, buses and other private/commercial vehicles

Kit includes a compact mini-induction loop amplifier with keyholes for dashboard mounting, a cigarette lighter power adaptor, an AMT microphone, a pre-formed loop and an 'AFILS fittted' sticker

Amplifier operates at 12V d.c. (24V vehicle kit also available, order code VL1/B2)

Metal compensation control helps combat the frequency response problems caused by metal 'absorbing' the magnetic field

PDA102LRS induction loop

50m.sq. PDA102L/R/S small room induction loop systems

Three variants available

PDA102L, ideal for use in small meeting rooms, council chambers, doctor surgeries, etc.

PDA102R, ideal for small room applications where equipment needs be mounted above suspended ceilings, etc.

PDA102S, ideal for use in nursing home TV lounges.

DL50 induction loop

50m.sq. DL50/K domestic induction loop system

Free-standing - ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, TV lounges, studies and other domestic applications

Simple to adjust, tamper-resistant drive, level, tone and mic. priority controls

Alert tone input for doorbells, fire alarms, security
systems, etc.

AK RANGE induction loop

120m.sq. AK Range induction loop amplifiers and kits

Available in a wide range of kit formats - suitable for use in meeting rooms, waiting rooms, TVlounges, health and fitness suites, churches, etc

PDA200E amplifier includes straightforward internal screw connectors

Wall-mounting metal enclosure for permanent installation

Internal drive, level and tone controls

PDAPRO RANGE induction loop

200m.sq. to 900m.sq. PDA Pro-range induction loop amplifiers

Ideal for theatres, cinemas, churches, conference halls and other applications where top quality sound is a must

Each unit includes two XLR 3-pin input sockets (one balanced mic. and one switchable balanced mic./line) and one outreach connector.

Adjustable level controls provided for all inputs - can be used individually or together as a three-input mixer

Metal compensation control helps offset the frequency response problems associated with excessive metal in a building

Advanced audio signal processing with automatic gain control


The Outreach Plate audio input extension system comprises a range of wall, ceiling and desk mountable single gang audio input plates specifically designed to increase the audio input capability of an induction loop system. Covering the most common variants of audio connector, they work by mixing the signals from various audio input sources into one balanced line level input which can be fed into the line input of a compatible amplifier.

Mountable on 25mm single gang back boxes, each plate features a built-in mixer, pre-amp, input level control and balanced output.

Typically, up to 10 Outreach plates (any mix) can be daisy-chained to one balanced line level input with cable lengths of up to 100m easily achievable using standard two-pair audio cable with no recognisable degradation of audio signal quality.

Each outreach plate requires four wires, two balanced line (A+, A-), one ground (0V) and one power connection (12-32 V DC regulated). To facilitate their straightforward connection, most PDA Range amplifiers are fitted with an Outreach connection socket as standard.


There is nothing electrically special about induction loop cable. Almost any stranded or solid single core cable with tough insulation can be used, provided it is not liable to break (to minimise the chance of it shorting to earth and damaging the amplifier's output) and is of the appropriate gauge and DC resistance (0.5 to 1 Ohm). If purchasing a PDA Range induction loop kit, always use the loop cable supplied with the kit. If purchasing an amplifier that does not include loop cable, refer to the loop cable selection chart in our Guide to AFILS.


Electret microphones have the highest tolerance of magnetic feedback and are therefore recommended for induction loop systems. Dynamic microphones should not be used as they contain moving coil magnets which can be affected by the magnetic field generated by the loop. Phantom power is provided on all PDArange amplifiers, so electret microphones with internal batteries are not necessary.