KeySafe™ guarantees authorised access anytime of the day or night (no power required)
KeySafe™ is utilised and recommended by over 65% of Local Authorities and Housing Associations in the UK. It has a proven success rate with over 1 million units having been installed to date
KeySafe™ provides a guaranteed solution to access properties of the elderly, infirm and vulnerable people in case of emergencies.
Provides reliable access for Home Helps, Carers, Nurses, Paramedics and the Emergency services -simply inform them of the code
No more keys to manage or lose
All metal construction is durable and rust proof
Provides quick change combination utilising push-button technology.
Easy to install - no maintenance
Eliminates the need for Police forced entry and key holders
Wide product range
Works hand in hand with Care Line services provided to allow access when the system is activated