Bring Your Teaching to Life.

Interactive whiteboards were designed by teachers, for teachers and as a result it's brought the learning experience to life.  Made with a solid screen, Activboard is resilent as it is durable.  It will happily cope with variable temperatures, so an uncooled classroom over the long summer holidays won't impact on its excellent performance.

Integral to the Activboard is a specially designed electromagnetic grid, which will remain unaffected by any screen surface damage.  The grid ensures incredible accuracy, with on-screen tools such as protractors, can measure down to a single degree.  Activboard comes complete with two Activpens, that write exactly like pens with the added functionality of a mouse.

projectors business


 Promethean  distribute carefully selected products that compliment the interactive product range.

 we supply the complete range of Sanyo and Sharp LCD and DLP projectors. We offer advice on the most suitable model for your requirements, demonstrations, supply and aftersales support .

 Both brands offer high quality, bright images, comprehensive connectivity options and very high reliability. A comprehensive range of lens options and other accessories are available.

Sanyo logo Sanyo the world’s largest projector manufacturer offer the largest range of LCD projectors available in the UK. The range encompasses everything for SVGA microportables to the worlds only UXGA projector for installation at large venues.

sharp logo Sharp offer a range of LCD and DLP projectors including entry level SVGA models, lightweight microportables and an extensive range of XGA projectors. All are supplied with comprehensive warranties ensuring peace of mind throughout the lifetime of the product.

As the No 1 distributor for Sanyo in Europe, Promethean and Sanyo work closely to develop exclusive projectors designed specifically for the education market.

Sanyo PLC-XE31

 Compact LCD projectors offering portability and durability but with higher brightness.

Sanyo PLC XP51 High brightness, multipurpose LCD projectors offering portability for desktop use or installation.
Sharp XG-PH50X Ultra-bright fixed installation LCD projectors designed for hire at events or high-end installations. Ideal for lecture theatres, auditoriums, concert halls and conference rooms.
Sanyo PLV HD10    
LCD and DLP projectors designed specifically for home cinema.
Activote for Powerpoint

Activote for PowerPoint ®

How do you know if you’ve got everybody’s attention?

Usually you don’t, but by giving everyone in the room their own audience response handset and asking them to press a button to answer a question, you’re guaranteed 100% involvement.

Activote for PowerPoint ® is Promethean's audience response system that integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint ®. Presenters, teachers or trainers can deliver sessions using PowerPoint ® in the usual way, in addition they can ask questions and gather responses when needed. Responses from up to 500 individuals can be received almost instantly – even from great  distances – and shared on screen if desired.

This means that Activote for PowerPoint ® can be used in a number of ways: at the start of a session to break the ice, or to gauge how much your audience knows.

Later on use it to build rapport, facilitate discussion or assess understanding. Maybe even to obtain feedback and evaluation on a session. Or simply to add fun to the driest of subjects.

Activboom XE

Activboom XE

What is Activboom XE?
Activboom XE is a new product that combines a boom arm with a Sanyo PLC-XE40 short-throw projector. The boom arm can be fastened to a suitable wall in order to provide existing interactive whiteboard users with an ideal replacement projector solution. The solution offers all the benefits of a short-throw projector equipped with the latest technology, image quality amongst the best in its class and packed with security features. It is an ideal solution for replacing existing ceiling-mounted projectors that are in use with interactive whiteboards and are approaching the end of their natural life.

The boom arm itself is very robust and made of strong steel. It is 1.5 meters long and enables projection of the Sanyo XE40 projector onto interactive whiteboards with active areas that range from 60” to 78’’.

It is supplied with a special mains extension lead to run through the boom arm for use with the projector’s mains lead.

The XE40 projector is a 1500 ANSI lumen projector with XGA resolution. Sporting a special lens, it projects a crystal clear image over a remarkably short distance. The XE40 is available exclusively through Promethean and their channel partners.

It has many advanced security features, such as an in-built sonic alarm, PIN code security, ability to display the user’s logo upon projector start-up and no buttons on the projector’s panel. All these features make it much less attractive to potential thieves – and of course, it's bright orange. A capacitor battery back-up helps to reduce the risk of the lamp failing in the event of interrupted power supply.

Benefits of Activboom XE
It provides existing interactive whiteboard users who are looking to replace existing projectors with a short-throw projector solution without having to replace the interactive whiteboard itself.

It may dramatically reduce the shadowing that may be created when using traditional interactive whiteboards compared to ceiling-mounted projectors.

It is an easily installed system ensuring minimal disruption to a room.

It offers users looking to replace their existing, older projectors with a model that sports the latest technological advances in digital projectors.